Moms Meet Wow Summit

Recently I went to a Moms Meet WOW Summit on October 7th. It was a 3 day event But I only attended on the one day (Monday). At this even I got to try tons of products and learn about greening my life and providing the healthiest options for me and my family. I learned how to say NO to my child. I also learned how to make a greener impact on earth. I learned all about Homeopathic products (the safest medicine for my family!). I got to try products from happy family brands, zevia, Rudis gluten free, Finn Crisp, Apple gate, Robs red mill, Dr. Praegers, and much more! All of the stuff tasted great and was healthy for you!!! how awesome is that?! I am such a worry freak and to know that i am giving something to my child and family that is yummy and good for you makes me a little bit more at ease!  Soon to come are reviews on some these giveaways and hopefully some giveaways! So stay tuned!